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Community Involvement


The management team of the Port Nebraska destination is committed to the surrounding communities and state in building an even better quality of life.  The team is currently involved with the Omaha Food Bank and in child advocacy initiatives including skill and esteem building for inner city youth, teen court and the children’s museum.  The team plans to begin literacy outreach programs upon the Theme Park opening, reaching across the state of Nebraska.


Port Nebraska plans to develop in a manner that respects the environment and promotes local and regional businesses and agriculture.  The campus buildings climate will be controlled by the largest geo-thermal project in the history of Nebraska.  Port Nebraska plans to use and promote ethanol and bio-diesel in its vehicle fleet.  To promote Nebraska business and agriculture, the campus plans to use wheat and corn-based biodegradable plastics for food containers and will recycle or compost most of the waste generated, keeping biodegradables out of the landfills.  Where practicable, Port will use locally grown food products.


Also, to increase the number of activities available to guests at Port Nebraska, excursions to other Nebraska attractions are planned.  This way, guests will have the opportunity to experience all of the best Nebraska has to offer.